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INR 20000
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About Course

The course is designed for professionals who wish to learn OpenStack and use it to implement and manage OpenStack infrastructure. The course is also suitable for:

Systems Administrators
Technical and IT Professionals
Storage Administrators
Network Engineers
The OpenStack Foundation has developed the Certified OpenStack Administrator exam which offers a career-path based Certification for OpenStack professionals. The exam is performance-based and will test the baseline skills of an OpenStack Administrator, a person with at least 6 months of OpenStack experience who provides day-to-day operation and management of an OpenStack cloud.
The Learning Objectives for this course are based on –

Understand OpenStack
Explore OpenStack architecture with both CLI and API functionalities
Apply various implementation techniques
Perform OpenStack operations
Implement suitable use-cases for OpenStack
Implement and use Nova, Neutron, Image and other OpenStack services
Work on an interactive project around implementing OpenStack
Candidates are required to provide a means of photo identification before the Exam can be launched. Acceptable forms of photo ID include current, non-expired passport, government-issued drivers license or permit, national ID card, state or province-issued ID card, or other form of government issued identification. If acceptable proof of identification is not provided to the exam proctor prior to the exam, entry to the exam will be refused. Candidates who are refused entry due to lack of sufficient ID will not be eligible for a refund or rescheduling.


OpenStack Administrator

  • Understand the components that make up the cloud
  • Use the OpenStack API/CLI
  • Manage Keystone catalogue services and endpoints
  • Manage/Create domains, groups, projects, users, and roles
  • Create roles for the environment
  • Manage the identity service
  • Verify operation of the Identity service


  • Manage flavors
  • Manage compute instance actions (e.g. launch, shutdown, terminate)
  • Manage Nova user keypairs
  • Launch a new instance
  • Shutdown an Instance
  • Terminate Instance
  • Configure an Instance with a Floating IP address
  • Manage project security group rules
  • Assign security group to Instance
  • Assign floating IP address to Instance
  • Detach floating IP address from Instance
  • Manage Nova host consoles (rdp, spice, tty)
  • Access an Instance using a keypair
  • Manage instance snapshots
  • Manage Nova compute servers
  • Manage quotas
  • Get Nova stats (hosts, services, tenants
  • Verify operation of the Compute service
  • Manage access to object storage
  • Manage expiring objects
  • Manage storage policies
  • Monitor space available for object store
  • Verify operation of Object Storage
  • Manage permissions on a container in object storage
  • Manage volume
  • Create volume group for block storage
  • Create a new Block Storage Volume and mount it to a Nova Instance
  • Manage quotas
  • Manage volumes quotas
  • Manage volumes backups
  • Backup and restore volumes
  • Manage volume snapshots (e.g, take, list, recover)
  • Verify that block storage can perform snapshotting function
  • Snapshot volume
  • Manage volumes encryption
  • Set up storage pools
  • Monitor reserve capacity of block storage devices
  • Analyze discrepancies in reported volume sizes


  • Manage network resources (e.g., routers, subnets)
  • Create external networks
  • Create project networks
  • Create project routers
  • Manage network services for a virtual environment
  • Manage project security group rules
  • Manage quotas
  • Verify operation of network service
  • Manage network interfaces on compute instances
  • Troubleshoot network issues for a tenant network (enter namespace, run tcpdump, etc
  • Launch a stack using a Heat/Orchestration template (e.g., storage, network, and compute
  • Use Heat/Orchestration CLI and Dashboard
  • Verify Heat/Orchestration stack is working
  • Verify operation of Heat/Orchestration
  • Create a Heat/Orchestration template that matches a specific scenario
  • Update a stack
  • Obtain detailed information about a stack
  • Analyze log files
  • Backup the database(s) used by an OpenStack instance
  • Centralize and analyze logs (e.g.,/var/log/COMPONENT_NAME, Database Server, Messaging Server, Web Server, syslog)
  • Analyze database servers
  • Analyze Host/Guest OS and Instance status
  • Analyze messaging servers
  • Analyze meta data servers
  • Analyze network status (physical & virtual)
  • Analyze storage status (local, block & object)
  • Manage OpenStack Services
  • Diagnose service incidents
  • Digest OpenStack environment (Controller, Compute, Storage and Network nodes)
  • Direct logging files through centralized logging system
  • Backup and restore an OpenStack instance
  • Troubleshoot network performance
  • Deploy a new image to an OpenStack instance
  • Manage image types and backends
  • Manage images (e.g. add, update, remove)
  • Verify operation of the Image Service

Exam & Certification

Once you are successfully through the project (Reviewed by a hub4Tech expert), you will be awarded with OpenStack Professional certificate.

Select Trainer for Demo

Hemant Mahajan
Professional Experience
Training Experience


.NET, ADO.NET, ALM, AWS, C#.NET , Cloud Computing, Docker, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, MVC, OpenStack, Puppet, SharePoint , SharePoint designer, Spring AOP, MVC, TCF, TFS, WCF, WPF, Xamarin,

Love coding. Study Architectures, Enterprise desig ns, Design patterns.Love create small but powerful tools to automate the tasks as much as possible. Read More...
Atul Kharecha
I have worked with Hemant during my stint with Fiserv. He is one technical architect that I highly recommend for handling complex and innovative tasks. I have truly enjoyed my experience working with him and wish him best of luck for his future roles.
Devendra Singh Rawat
I got an opportunity to work with Hemant in a project. I found him approachable and helpfull to everyone, specially me as I was new to project. His clear and though provoking ideas always force his team mates to think of best solutions for every problem. He is honest and always open for new ideas.
Varun Nagpal
I had the opportunity to work under Hemant when I had just joined SHL team at Perot Systems. He comes across as a very diligent, knowledgeable, organized and a happy person. Despite being busy, he was always willing to help and cooperate on any product knowledge or technical issues. He creates this jovial environment in the team which makes the whole working experience full of learning and fun.
Sandeep Mishra
Very good training. Theoretical plus practical both sessions were done perfectly.
Professional Experience
Training Experience

MS in General Managment, BE

Cloud Computing, Microsoft Hyper V, Microsoft System Center, Microsoft Windows Server , Monitoring Tools Support, Nagios , OpenStack,

Having 16+ years of Industry rich experience in t he area of IT Infrastructure, Consolidation, Virtualization, Cloud –Openstack, Amazon Web Services(AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Architecture, Design, Implementation and design of the above technologies
He is is passionate about Consulting, Training, Mentoring and implementation of IT Infrastructure solutions for organizations/Individuals to enhance their potential to performance.
Kenny Xu
JP is a very self driven, detail oriented VMware expert. He was able to work under pressure and got project done in time. Pleasure to work with him.
Professional Experience
Training Experience


Amazon's SimpleDB, Android, Android SDK Tools, Angular JS, Apache Ant, Apache Axis, Apache Bloodhoud, Apache Giraph, Apache Hama, Apache Jmeter, Apache Lucene, Apache Maven, Apache Solr, Apache Sqoop, Apache Tomcat , Apple, Architect, Artifactory, Artificial Intelligence, Automation, AWS, Business Intelligence, Cassandra, Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Cloud Computing, Cloud Stack, Cloudera, Cloudera Impala, CloudFoundry, Hadoop , Jenkins, Joomla, Machine Learning, OpenShift, Opensource, OpenStack, Puppet, Python, RUBY, Ruby on Rails,

Specialist: Cloud Computing, DevOps, Big Data, NoS QL, Docker, Chef, Puppet, Open Source, Git, SVN, Jenkins, Hudson, Hadoop, Cassandra, Autoscaling, Openstack, AWS, ec2, s3, CloudFormation, CloudFront, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, OpenStack, Eucalyptus, Virtualization, Python, Perl, Bash, SOLR, OpenERP, Cherokee, Nginx, Percona, Software Appliances, VoIP, Elasticsearch Read More...
Rakesh Yadav
Mohit and me worked on the same project during our academics. He has always an eagerness to learn new technologies, and always ready with innovative ideas. It was really great to work along with Mohit.
Ashutosh Sharma
I know Mohit since my BCA days. Mohit is very hard working person and a quick learner. We used to discuss for hours on different topics related to IT and his knowledge in many areas is very good.
Vinit Singhal
Mohit is one of the very few people who is very lively and at the same time dedicated to whatever cause he takes up. Excellent people management skills along with indepth knowledge of the task makes it a pleasure to work with him. I am sure he would be an asset no matter where he goes and wish him all the success for all his future endeavors
Pankaj Kumar Pathak
Professional Experience
Training Experience


Cloudera, Cloudera Impala, Hadoop , Hbase, OpenStack, Python, R, Red Hat , Redhat Linux , RUBY, Ruby on Rails, SAS, Tableau, UNIX, Data Science,

Pankaj has around 16 years of experience in IT cor porate along with 4 years of experience in Data Science. He is expertise in complete Data Science (Data Analysis, Data Migration and Data Visualization) also and already has trained more than 100 Hadoop architect. he has worked with prominent IT companies like HCL and CSC. he has handle various national and overseas projects on various technologies like Python, R, Linux, Hadoop , Tableau an Qlikview. I also provide world wide training on open source hot skills such as Apache Hadoop, R, Python, Tableau, Qlikview etc.... Read More...
Mukesh kumar
I do not hesitate to give a 5 star for Mr Pankaj. He has enormous knowledge on Analytics, he knows what industries needs and how can a student be trained in that path. Even a beginner can be able to catch up with an experienced one with his way of teaching. His knowledge on Data science concepts was exceptional well.
Gaurav Kumar
Pankaj has excellent knowledge about statistics and modelling and would be the best tutor, if you are looking out for any kind of knowledge on Data science. He is very patient with the students and goes extra mile to make them understand the subject. Hats of to good work. Thank you.
Sunil baliwal
Pankaj is a very knowledgeable and efficient tutor. He knows the subject and also teaches very well. His classes are a must take for some one looking for statistics or modelling or data science knowledge. Highly appreciate his knowledge and effort he takes for making the students understand the subject.
Anurag Sharma
Highly recommended. Pankaj has fantastic understanding about the subject and also the current economic situation. Pankaj teaching skills are fantastic and the best thing is he always happy to help.
Anurag Sharma
Excellent Trainer!!!
Vinay Rastogi
it was a fantastic experience with Mr Pankaj, According to me he is one of the best trainer for the experienced candidates. He has the ability to guide the students for industrial environment.
Good trainer .
Sachin Pandey
Pankaj sir is a very calm teacher he clear our each and every doubt calmly.
I am very much delighted to let you know that I have successfully finished the Hadoop classes with Mr pankaj Sir . I am pleased with the class lectures, lecturer, tech hub team members. Provide good quality lectures for all the classes. Its a good experienced took hadoop course with tech hub institute specially pankaj sir. He has a very good experienced.
Deepanjali Saxena
Class s gd
Priyanshu Purwar
I am taking python classes from Pankaj sir. The methodology of teaching is quite different i.e. more hands-on and less theory, that is good for the students. he is very good in explaining things.
Sakshi Kaul
Good knowledge.
Jatin Mahajan
Good knowledge and able to resolve my issue .... Always motivating for good performance...
prateek kumawat
Certification: AWS , Redhat Gluster , Redhat Virtualization , Red Hat OpenStack Platform , RHCE
Professional Experience
Training Experience


AWS, Cloud Computing, Linux , OpenStack, Red Hat , Server Administrator, Storage, RedHat Virtualization (RHCVA), RHCE, RHCSA,

Brief about yourself
Professional Experience
Training Experience


Cisco, Cloud Computing, Exchange Server, Linux , Microsoft , Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft RAID , Microsoft Windows Server , OpenStack, Red Hat , Redhat Virtualization, Virtualization, RHCE, RHCSA,

Having 9 years experience as a Corporate Trainer f or Microsoft,Cisco,Red Hat. Proficient in handling the most complex of technical development concepts, latest software tools and technologies, strong database concepts and designing techniques. Understands different programming languages and ability to solve problems in coding, testing and deployment. Possesses good knowledge of different software systems, client/server architectures and various compatibility requirements. Experience in troubleshooting of network and software development process and ability to understand and implement. Efficiently configure hardware at physical and network layer Deploy tools to improve network bandwidth utilization Leverage expertise across various networking platform. Installation of all Microsoft Windows & Software Package. Network Configuration of LAN, Cabling, Wireless LAN configuration, Modem Configuration. Data Backup and Recovery. Raid Configuration. Configure and Manage Windows 7, Windows 8, Win XP, Vista. Configure Advanced Windows Server 2003,2008,2012 Services. Administering Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012. Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2003,2008,2012. Configure and Manage Active Directory Server and Group Policy Configure and Manage DNS, DHCP, VPN, RADIUS, NAP, WDS Server. Configure and Manage Certificate Authority, Network policy, Federation and Rights. Configure and Manage Microsoft Exchange 2010 Server. Microsoft virtualization Configure and Manage File Server, Print Server, Remote Backup and Restore. Terminal Services Gateway. Configure and Manage Cisco Router Routing protocols (Static, RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP). Configure and Manage Cisco Switches VLAN, VTP, PORT Security Inter Vlan Routing. Configure NAT and PAT on Router. Configure ACL on Routers. RHCE (3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0) Red Hat Virtualization Red Hat Storage Red Hat Open Stack Administration Read More...
Certification: VMware Certified (VCP-DCV) , VMware Certified (VCA-DCV) , VMware Certified (VCA-Cloud)
Professional Experience
Training Experience

B Tech

Citrix Xen, Cloud Stack, Hitachi , OpenStack, Storage, Virtualization, VMware , VMware vSphere, VMware Certified (VCP-DCV), VMware Certified (VCA-DCV), VMware Certified (VCA-Cloud),

Over 5 years of hands-on experience focused on Ent erprise Data center Virtualization and Cloud Technologies. Key competencies include VMware Virtualization, Citrix Xen Servers and Orchestration Layers using Cloud stack and Openstack. Read More...
Nigesh babu Pugazhendhi
Rajaram and myself working together in Tata Communications in the same team, I like the way he deals with VMware and Cloud related critical issues with calm attitude and a positive approach. He will always work for the future of the organisation and strives to learn all technology without any hesitation.
Beneth Eveline
It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Rajaram. I had the pleasure of working with him for 4 years at Tata Communications. I was particularly impressed by Raja ram’s positive attitude to handle even the toughest Projects and clients. I always admire about the way he takes complex issues and attitude towards solving them. Rajaram would be an asset to any team.
Rajaram and myself working together in Tata Communications in the same team, I admire about Rajaram’s self-confident. Rajaram would be a key player to any team. I strongly recommend him.
Ssiva84 Ssiva84
I have been with Rajaram for long enough to endorse him. He has got the skill to acclimatize to any situation and technology. Rajaram is very positive towards the requirements (both in terms of the client requirements and the organization’s requirements).He has done lot of Complex migration projects to VMware powered SDDC. I am sure Rajaram will familiarize to any technology that he will get assigned to and ensure that he completes the same within time. I strongly recommend hiring him


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