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  • 1.1 What is IoT?
  • 1.2 Effects of IoT
  • 1.3 Skill set for IoT
  • 1.4 Challenges and barriers to IoT
  • 1.5 Functional Requirements of IoT
  • 2.1 Communication aspects involved in IoT system
  • – Wired connectivity and technologies
  • – Wireless connectivity and technologies
  • 2.2 Power and Energy Management & Optimization
  • 2.3 Network Topologies for IoT
  • 2.4 IoT Protocols
  • 2.5 IoT – Technologies & Software
  • 3.1 Components of IoT
  • 3.2 Elements of IoT
  • – Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
  • – Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN)
  • – Addressing schemes
  • – Data, storage and analytics
  • – Visualization
  • – Security
  • 4.1 Internet of Things—Architecture – IoT-A
  • 4.2 The IoT-A Reference Model
  • 4.3 Cloud Computing
  • 4.4 Cloud Computing in Internet of Things
  • 4.5 Internet of Things with Cloud Architecture
  • 4.6 IoT-related Cloud Security Issues
  • 4.7 IoT-related Cloud Computing Privacy Issues
  • 4.8 Building a Private Cloud to enable IoT
  • 4.9 Business Analytics
  • – Business Analytics in IoT Architecture
  • – IoT and Data Mining
  • – Data Warehouse in IoT
  • – Data Visualization and Tools in IoT
  • – Data Mining Tool
  • – BA Techniques to empower IoT’s Analytical & Decision Making Capability
  • 4.10 Big Data Technologies
  • – Internet of Things and Big Data – The IoT Process and its challenges – Understanding Big Data – Hadoop and MapReduce – Apache HBase
  • 5.1 Big Data turning into “HUGE DATA”
  • 5.2 SQL Databases
  • 5.3 NoSQL Databases
  • 5.4 Cloud Databases
  • 6.1 Mobile Middleware
  • 6.2 Omni-Channel Retailing
  • 6.3 Mobile Loyalty
  • 6.4 Mobile Point of Sale
  • 6.5 Mobile Inventory
  • 6.6 Real World Mobile Integration Examples
  • 7.1 IoT Security Aspects
  • 7.2 IoT features leading to security issues
  • 7.3 Security Issues in IoT based on RFID
  • 7.4 Design Considerations for IoT Technologies
  • 8.1 Privacy Analysis
  • 8.2 Data Loss – RFID, Bluetooth, Big Data
  • 8.3 Mechanisms to Prevent Privacy Hack
  • 8.4 Popular Privacy Legislations
  • 8.5 Case Study
  • 8.6 Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET)
  • 8.7 Few Approaches to IoT Privacy
  • 8.8 Practical tips to Handle IoT Privacy
  • 9.1 Smart Cities
  • 9.2 Smart Environment
  • 9.3 eHealth

Exam & Certification

Upon passing the course, you will be awarded “Certified Internet of Things Specialist”
Certification body – Global Science and Technology Forum
Component 1: Written Examination (MCQ)

40 Questions
1 Hour duration
Closed Book
Score 70% to pass

Component 2: Project Work Component (PWC)

Individual work
2 weeks to complete from the last day of course
Score 70% to pass

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Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Embedded, HTML, HTML5, IOT, MATLAB, Python, Robotics,

An Enthusiast Entrepreneur and Innovator have keen interest in working in new technologies and with new firms, accepting and completing challenges, designing technical solutions and connecting with corporate people. An Engineering Graduate by Education, Entrepreneur by Profession, Tech Trainer, Roboticist & a bit hacker by Hobby. I always look for working with enthusiastic group or people on any challenging Technical project or entrepreneurial activity. Having work experience in diverse domains including Business Development, Educational Training, Tech R & D operations, Market Analysis makes me a complete package of everything which can be used to start working in almost all domains. Read More...
Nidisha Maganti
Anshu is an inspiring professional with great Passion/ Talent towards Technology& Management; a very rare species indeed! R&D, Innovation& Technology, Entrepreneurship are the big roofs he holds hard comprising great Industrial Technologies(MATLAB, LabVIEW, Internet of Things, Automation, etc). Innovative Projects have always been his brain chidren. Innovation, Hardwork, Determination, Spontaneity stand as the best adjectives explaining him.
Sageer Mohammad
Your endorsement is: It was a pleasure to work together with Anshu, who is a hardworking Trainer. I can recommend Anshu as a person with great skills and deep experience of solutions. Innovative person who can take on even the most challenging projects. Very positive attitude towards work. Highly recommended.
Prasan Dutt
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