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About Course

A Blockchain is a digital ledger that records transactions in a public or private peer-to-peer network. This course is designed to help students in their further learning of Blockchain by exploring bitcoin mining, bitcoin transactions, software front-end and back-end, wallet services, payment gateways and blockchain as a service. During this course the students will learn the way an organizations can handle their business transactions.
The targeted audience for this course can be -

Corporate Executives
Anyone looking to make a career in Blockchain
Consultants and Professional Service Providers
Supply Chain Managers
After completing this course you will be able to –

Understand the Blockchain and Distributed Ledger systems.
Understand the core concept and key use cases of Blockchain for business
Work with Payment Gateways and Wallet Service Providers
Understand Mining and Transactions
Work with bitcoin 2.0
A fundamental knowledge of database, computer network, basics of bitcoin and wallet services is required as prerequisite for this course.


Blockchain Advanced

  • 1.1 Digital Assets
  • 1.2 Distributed Ledgers
  • 1.3 Byzantine Generals Problem
  • 2.1 Networks
  • 2.2 Nodes
  • 2.3 Cryptography
  • 2.4 Proof and Distributed Consensus
  • 2.5 Pools
  • 2.6 Scripting


  • 3.1 Clients
  • 3.2 Front ends
  • 3.3 Software
  • 3.4 Web services / APIs
  • 4.1 Explorers
  • 4.2 Wallets
  • 4.3 APIs
  • 4.4 Payment Gateways and Providers
  • 4.5 Blockchain as a Service
  • 5.1 Side Chains
  • 5.2 Smart Contracts
  • 5.3 Smart Property
  • 5.4 World Computers
  • 5.5 Open Asset Protocol
  • 5.6 Decentralized Services
  • 5.7 Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

Exam & Certification

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