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About Course

The targeted audience for this course can be –

Application Developers
Java Developers
J2EE Developer
Java EE Developers
Java SE Developers
This course is designed to help you in understanding the advance topics of Java programming such as servlets, MVC architecture, JSP pages, connecting application with database using JDBC etc. After completing this course you will be able to design and develop small-to-medium scale web applications individually. Throughout this course, you will gain complete knowledge experimenting with real code examples in each topic.
After completing this course you will be able to -

Understand the core concept of Advance Java topics such as servlets, MVC architecture, JSP pages etc
Manage session, filters and database integration with robust web applications
Work with MVC architecture, listeners
Use the Expression Language and the JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL)
Create easy-to-maintain JSP pages
Connect the application with database using JDBC.
A prior working knowledge with Core Java and HTML is required before joining this course.


Advance Java

  • 1.1 Generics and Collections
  • 1.2 Assertions
  • 1.3 Java I/O Fundamentals
  • 1.4 Java File I/O
  • 1.5 Overview of JDBC
  • 1.6 Introduction to Concurrency, Localization
  • 2.1 Describe web applications, CGI, and the role of Java
  • 2.2 Describe benefits of Java servlet technology
  • 2.3 Create a simple Java Servlet
  • 2.4 Define three-tier architecture
  • 2.5 Define Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture
  • 3.1 Describe why Servlets are not the whole solution
  • 3.2 Describe essentials of JSPs
  • 3.3 Understand the fundamentals and reasons for MVC architecture
  • 4.1 Code a controller using a servlet
  • 4.2 Code a view using a JSP
  • 4.3 Forward control from a servlet to a JSP
  • 4.4 Understand fundamentals of EL
  • 4.5 Implement a simple MVC system
  • 5.1 Understand more details of the HTTP protocol
  • 5.2 Understand fundamentals of HTML forms
  • 5.3 Understand fundamentals of the HttpServlet and related APIs
  • 5.4 Write code that manages client sessions and cookies
  • 6.1 Understand the purpose and structure of deployment descriptors
  • 6.2 Control context root and servlet mapping
  • 6.3 Create and use context and init parameters
  • 6.4 Use annotations to configure servlets
  • 7.1 Understand the four data scopes
  • 7.2 Understand and use EL dot ‚”.”, and array access ‚”[“ operators with Java Beans, arrays, and collections
  • 7.3 Understand and use EL implicit objects
  • 7.4 Create and use arithmetic expressions in EL
  • 7.5 Identify the need for iteration and selection in the view, and use JSTL tags to address those needs
  • 8.1 Understand the origins, benefits, and weaknesses of JSPs
  • 8.2 Describe JSP technology, the conversion of JSPs to servlets, and the lifecycle of JSPs
  • 8.3 Understand JSP scripting elements, declarations and directives
  • 8.4 Use JSP implicit variables
  • 8.5 Understand and use jsp: tags
  • 9.1 Relate the JSTL to common job roles in web application development and understand the use of tags in JSP development
  • 9.2 Recognize correct syntax for tags
  • 9.3 Configure a JSP to use tags from the JSTL
  • 9.4 Write JSP code using several standard tags
  • 9.5 List capabilities of JSTL tags
  • 10.1 Understand the servlet lifecycle
  • 10.2 Describe and use more advanced elements of the servlet APIs
  • 10.3 Create filters and use them in web applications
  • 11.1 Understand the roles of JDBC and JPA
  • 11.2 Understand the many elements that make up the model
  • 11.3 Understand fundamentals of connecting to a database using JDBC or JPA
  • 12.1 Understand the interactions that are essential to asynchronous web pages
  • 12.2 Understand the role of AJAX-style client side programming
  • 12.3 Implement asynchronous servlets using the facilities of Java EE 6
  • 13.1 Understand the role of the container in security
  • 13.2 Describe and implement four authentication models
  • 13.3 Force the use of encryption between a web application and the client browser
  • 13.4 Understand the role of JAAS in pluggable/extensible authentication for web applications
  • 14.1 Understanding the Nature of the Model as a Macro-pattern
  • 14.2 Implementing Persistent Storage for Your Web Applications Using JDBC or Java Persistence API

Exam & Certification

The "Oracle Certified Expert (OCE): Java EE 6 Web Component Developer" certification exam is designed for experienced developers having experience in Java applications development to validate their knowledge and skills about Java EE 6 application server, JSP and servlet technologies. To attempt for this exam you must need to clear "Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) - Java SE 6 Programmer" exam first with valid passing score.
Exam Number: 1Z0-899
Duration: 140 minutes
Associated Certifications: Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Web Component Developer
Number of Questions: 57
Passing Score: 64%
Exam Product Version: Java EE
Validated Against: This exam has been validated against EE 6.
Exam Format: Multiple Choice

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The fastest growing training company in the world.

A-82, Third Floor, Sector 63, Noida 201301
T. +91-90691 39140


Alok Kumar
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Android, Hibernate, Java , Java EE, Spring, Struts, Swift,

He is having 3+ years of experience in Java and An droid. Read More...
Pankaj Kumar
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M. Tech.

J2EE, J2SE, Java , Java Beans , Java EE, Java ME,

Rajeev Kumar Mohan
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J2EE, Java , Java Script, JDBC ,

Training provided to
Accenture [GF & ADF]
Amity University Visiting Faculty
C-DAC Delhi
CFAO - Cameroon
Deft Infosystems
Genpact , HCL , IBM
JIMS Rohini
Nucleus Softwares
Oracle Corporation , Oracle University -UAE
Pentasoft , PoweGrid India
Snapdeal , Steria
UAE Academy
Mrinal Kumar
Rajeev jee is excellent trainer, He has all good quality for being a good trainer, He teaches JajaJ2ee in very well versed way.
Surya Mandal
Rajeev is complete package of technology.
Ranjodh Singh
Rajeev K Mohan carries behind excellent skills to train even the new comers .
Suman Mohanty
Rajev K Mohan is a very nice trainer in java and j2ee.his way of teaching is such that one can built interest towards the subject.
Yogesh Goel
I came into the contact of Mr. Rajeev during my training at HCL Technologies. I must must admit that this was the one of the most fruitful time of my new professional life. He is very clear with his concepts and made others to understand them in the most easiest way. I personally feel that it was my pleasure to be professionally associated with a person like him.
Susmita Meher
I came across Rajeev sir during my training at HCL Technologies. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Rajeev for the excellent technical training. All my appreciation goes to Mr. Rajeev kK Mohan for my success in the training. He has a very friendly approach of training and he made us conceptually very clear. We found his classes very interesting. His use of real time examples during sessions gave us better understanding on the concepts. He always made us clear with all our queries and kept us motivated throughout the training. Overall his classes were full of serious study filled with fun.
Himanshu Aggarwal
I honored to work with Mr.Rajeev K Mohan . He has dynamic personality with whom anyone glad to work and he has the ability to refine the talent of newbies. He not only an excellent mentor but also a guide for the way of life.
Sameer Gupta
Rajeev sir trained me in J2EE TECHNOLOGY.I learned a lot in his guidance,he trained me in HCL TECH... and i learned alot under his supervision.He is an able guide and his way of teaching is of quality standard.
Ashish Pandey
Rajeev sir is just awesome to his job. He just manages the things so perfectly. He is a tremendous trouble shooter and an awesome motivator. He is so focused, dedicated and devoted to his work, as i noticed always. May god give him him long life :)
Nikhil Bedi
Mr. Rajeev K Mohan is an excellent trainer of Java/J2EE.The quality training he has provided to me and my fellow colleagues is remarkable.My Java concepts have improved tremendously.Thank you sir.
Nitish Jain
I am grateful to Rajeev Sir for his wonderful teachings that he gave during the period of our training at HCL. He is a maestro in his field. The friendly environment that he creates during the sessions aids in quick and easy learning. He connects with each and every person. He is a cool minded and jolly person with whom anybody would like to work.
Deepak Kumar
Has ample knowledge of the subject he is proficient in. Good to work with, gentle, keen and nice tutor ever assigned to me.
Abhilash Nair
He is a very gud human being with high technical intellect and very creative person to work with..........
amit singh
he is very creative, persistent and expert on java domain.
punkaj aggarwal
Mr. rajeev is a very creative and inteeligent personality.
Manish Gupta
hello sir, you have guided me very well for IT sector, now i feel comfort in this field. Thank you very much sir.
Nihit Gupta
Rajeev is a excellent tutor, he helped me to built strong Java skills.
Akhil Sharma
Rajeev is a very talented person,his concepts of each and every topic is very strong.He is capable enough to clear any kind of doubt.
Aniket Choudhary
Rajeev is a very excellent senior, he makes everyone in his surroundings really comfortable to work along. He has got solutions with real life examples.
Ketki Vaidya
It gives me immense pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Rajeev.K.Mohan.He taught us Java and Oracle with remarkable ease and ensured that concepts are fully understood by each and every student.Rajeev was able to successfully communicate the fundamentals which facilitated the learning process.His jovious nature has endeared himself to almost everybody.Finally, Rajeev is pleasant to work with and committed to doing a great job.
Preeti Tibrewal
Mr. Rajeev is an amazing trainer with strong basics of Java. Helped me to built strong Java skills. I would rate him 9 on a scale of 10.
Bharat Arora
Rajeev is a great teacher who helped us a lot in developing strong foundations in java.It was nice to have a great teacher like him in ILP
Chitrang Apshankar
Rajeev Mohan is an excellent person who works well with his colleagues giving his own ideas whenever required. He is very punctual and passionate towards his work.
Rahul jain
Rajeev has excellent knowledge of J2EE and Oracle I have never enjoyed such type of learning sessions as much as i did this one we called him "JAVA GURU"........
Piyush Saini
Rajeev has good knowledge of J2EE and Oracle which I studied under his trained supervision. His approach is simple and easy to understand. His ability to clear doubts with good real world examples is appreciating. He would be a great asset to have in any company.
kshitiz shrivastava
Rajeev has a ability to connect with his students and the way of his teaching style create the interest in the subject among the students.With his skill for clearly expressing complex concepts to his training audience,every student can master what Rajeev has to teach.
Rishi Jha
I have never enjoyed such type of learning sessions as much as i did this one i have cleared my exam with fine colors.... thanks to rajeev. such success would not have been possible without him... i want to thank him again.
He worked with us as service provider at ilp jaipur(tcs training). our all experience with him is excellient.the way he think a problem & the way he perform is really a unforgetable experience of my life.At the initial stage of career getting such type of learner boost me to a step ahed....
Rajeev Kumar Gupta
I want to thank rajeev k mohan for the Excellent Study guide,he has cleared my all logic. I found him extremely helpful. I read his book, It was very well written with just enough light-hearted comments to make you forget that you were studying for a very difficult test.
Sunil Kumar Patra
As a Student of Rajiv one thing wat i knw z dat he wl make u to fall in love wid technology n finally u wil play wid it -when-where-n-how 2 put d Key..
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Hibernate, J2EE, Java , Java EE, Spring,

Professional Experience
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MSc (Maths),BSc(comp Sci)

J2EE, J2SE, Java , Java EE, Java SE, JAXB, Middleware, MVC, Oracle JPA, Oracle SOA, PL/SQl, Servlet, XML,

I am Android ATC certified . I am having 3year t raining experience. Read More...
Sarika Agarwal
Certification: Java , Oracle Certified in Web Component Developer (OCWCD) , Android Certified Application Developer
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Android, Hibernate, Java , Java EE, Spring, Struts,

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Som Prakash Rai
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AJAX, Architect, Bootstrap, Hibernate, HTML, IT Architecture, J2EE, J2SE, Java , Java Beans , Java EE, Java ME, Java Script, Java SE, JavaFX, JavaFX screen builder, JSON, JSP , Programming, Spring, Spring AOP, MVC, Struts,

 Architect with 6+ years of software developmen t experience that brings in-depth development, design and architecture expertise to lend support to the delivery of complex solutions. Experienced in delivery of cost-effective, high-performance solutions to meet challenging business demands. Enjoy working with technical teams to deliver end-to-end solutions  Expert with enterprise application architecture based on Open Source technologies, Java/J2EE, Web/Application Servers, Databases.  Have in-depth understanding of architectural principles, models, patterns, and perspectives required to define and/or validate architecture solutions  Software Architecture Document & Non-functional requirement deliverables.  Extensive experience working as Solution and Application Architect in multiple engagements  Helped organizations in mentoring and providing code reviews, etc.  Expertise in preparing Design Document, Technical Design Document, Use Case Diagrams.  Extensive experience in Core Java, Frameworks like Spring, Hibernate, Struts. Read More...
Yash Srivastava
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Adobe Dreamweaver, Android, Android NDK, Android SDK Tools, Eclipse , J2EE, Java EE, Java ME, Java Script, Java SE, JQuery , JSON, Mobile Apps Support, Mobile Development, MS Office, Operating System, XML,

I am working as a Android Developer and able to do working on new technologies.I always do my best towards development. Read More...

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