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40 Hrs Weekend Morning-Batch INR 19999

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40 Hrs Weekend Evening-Batch INR 19999

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40 Hrs Weekdays Morning-Batch INR 19999

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40 Hrs Weekdays Evening-Batch INR 19999

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About Course

Any individual who are looking to make a career in cloud computing and want to work as a solution architect can join this course.
This course will provide the step by step guidance to develop cost efficient, fault free, and scalable cloud applications with AWS Infrastructure.
This course is designed to provide the core knowledge of AWS and aiming to help those individuals who are looking to become a Certified Solutions Architect at Associate level from AWS. This course plays a significant role for the preparation of AWS Solutions Architect – Associate level exam.
By attending this course you will be able to enhance your existing knowledge about AWS as well as you can easily explore your knowledge in depth about various products and services offered by AWS.
The key points that you will learn under this course are:
Learn how to identify and collect requirement define a solution
Get proper guidance and help for using the best practices in designing the architecture.
Learn about the terminology, trends, and best practices for AWS
Learn how cloud computing works and how to design and scale in AWS IT Infrastructure.
The completion of this course will validate the below mentioned knowledge in AWS environment-
Get in-depth knowledge for AWS global infrastructure
Able to design and deploy scalable and fault free systems on AWS
Able to get hands on experience with AWS services by performing different networking, storage, and database handling activities.
Able to perform Ingress and egress of data to and from AWS
Able to select the appropriate AWS service based upon data, compute, database, or security requirements
Able to estimate the costing factor for deploying AWS Infrastructure as well as how to control the cost.
There is no formal prerequisite to attend this course but it is better if you have -
Hands-on experience for more than one year in hybrid and distributed systems on AWS
Knowledge of at least one high-level programming language
Ability to identify the requirements for building an AWS-based application


AWS Solution Architect

  • 1.1 How to design cloud services
  • 1.2 Planning and design
  • 1.3 Monitoring and logging
  • 1.4 Developing to client specifications, including pricing/cost
  • 1.5 Architectural trade-off decisions
  • 1.6 Hybrid IT architectures
  • 1.7 Elasticity and scalability
  • 2.1 Implementation of a cloud solution using Amazon EC2
  • 2.2 Implementation of a cloud solution using Amazon S3
  • 2.3 Implementation of a cloud solution using AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • 2.4 Implementation of a cloud solution using AWS CloudFormation
  • 2.5 Implementation of a cloud solution using AWS OpsWorks
  • 2.6 Implementation of a cloud solution using Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • 2.7 Implementation of a cloud solution using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • 2.8 Configure an Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
  • 2.9 Operate and extend service management in a hybrid IT architecture
  • 2.10 Configure services to support compliance requirements in the cloud
  • 2.11 Launch instances across the AWS global infrastructure
  • 2.12 Configure IAM policies
  • 3.1 AWS shared responsibility model
  • 3.2 AWS platform compliance
  • 3.3 AWS security attributes (customer workloads down to physical layer)
  • 3.4 AWS administration and security services
  • 3.5 AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • 3.6 Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • 3.7 AWS CloudTrail
  • 3.8 Ingress vs. egress filtering, and which AWS services and features fit
  • 3.9 Core Amazon EC2 and S3 security feature sets
  • 3.10 Incorporating common conventional security products (Firewall, VPN)
  • 3.11 Design patterns
  • 3.12 DoS mitigation
  • 3.13 Encryption solutions (e.g., key services)
  • 3.14 Complex access controls (building sophisticated security groups, ACLs, etc.)
  • 3.15Amazon CloudWatch for the security architect
  • 3.16 Trusted Advisor
  • 3.17 CloudWatch Logs
  • 3.18 Disaster recovery
  • 3.19 AWS Import/Export
  • 3.20 AWS Storage Gateway
  • 3.21 Amazon Route53
  • 3.22 Validation of data recovery method
  • 4.1 General troubleshooting information and questions

Exam & Certification

AWS Solutions Architect – Associate is the entry level exam. This exam is administered at Kryterion testing centers worldwide.
The exam consist multiple choice and multiple answer questions and you have 80 minute to complete your exam. Questions can be based upon the below mentioned pattern –
Multiple-choice: Examinee can select only one option among some choice available.
Multiple-response: Examinee selects more than one option that best answers the question or completes a statement.
Sample Directions: Examinee reads the statement or question and, from the response options, selects only the options that represent the most correct or best answers given the information.
This exam is available in English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, German, Russian, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese languages.

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The fastest growing training company in the world.

A-82, Third Floor, Sector 63, Noida 201301
T. +91-90691 39140


Asheesh Lohia
Certification: CCNA - R&S , MCSE , MCTS
Professional Experience
Training Experience


AWS, BGP, CCDP, CCNA, CCNA - Data center, CCNA - R&S, CCNA - Wireless, CCNP, CCNP - R&S, Cloud Computing, IOT, IT Architecture, IT Infra Helpdesk, IT Support, MCITP, MCP, MCSA, MCSE, Microsoft Hyper V,

IT Infrastructure Specialist loves to work on : # Automating the IT operations using different tools and technologies # Designing, Implementing and Maintaining ~ AD Domain ~ Cisco Networks ~ Information Security Firewall and logical structure ~ XenDesktop VDI ~ Hyper-V ~ IOT Enabled solutions Read More...
Dilip Singh Dilip Singh
I have been fortunate to get a chance to work Asheesh. We have worked (and still working) on some of the Ideas in the area of IOT and mobility. I was great to see his dedication and level of self motivation. Rather writing a lot here in praise i can simply say , Asheesh is an asset to any organization. I would definitely like to work with him whenever i get a chance.
Archith Joshi
Asheesh is detailed, organized and hands on experience , which had helped Skylink - smooth functioning and helped company a lot , Asheesh is a go getter and will go that extra mile to resolve any network issues. I would recommend Asheesh for better prospects in future and would like to work with him again too.
Sukhminder Miglani
It was charm working with Ashish because I love working with go-getters, open and knowledge hungry people.
Dr. Kamal Gulati
Certification: CCNA , MCP , Willey Certified Big Data Analyst (WCBDA)
Professional Experience
Training Experience

Ph. D., M.Sc. (Computer Science), M.C.A.

AWS, Big Data, CCNA, Database, Hadoop , HTML, MongoDB, MS Office, MySQL , Networking , QlikView, SAAS , SQL, Tableau, VBA Macros, Data Science,

A dedicated and astute professor with 13+ of exper ience in Teaching, Research, Corporate Trainings, Student Management and Coordination with various Academic & Corporate Institute. - Currently working with Amity University, Noida as Assistant Professor, Grade-III – Information Technology & Management. - Worked as Sr. Lecturer with G.L. Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management, Greater Noida. - Worked as I.T Instructor with Bahrain Training Institute, Kingdom of Bahrain (Gulf). - Result oriented, excellent communication, strong interpersonal skills and the ability to relate to students at all levels across the organization; possess stupendous skills for teaching, mentoring, guiding and controlling the students. - Possess knowledge about the internal administrative tasks that are performed within institutions. Read More...
Sasidhar Mukthinuthalapati
It is my privilege to recommend Dr. Gulati who taught me I.T. Project Management (SOF – 501). He is an excellent Professor in the university of CSIT Department. Due to his real world experience, he was able to use business examples to supplement textbooks in class. He is truly an extremely intelligent and dedicated professional in all his endeavors with good communication and collaboration skill. I highly recommend him.
Vishwanath Lingamurthy
It is my privilege to write feedback regarding your Knowledge in the subject, teaching capabilities, interaction with students and enlightening them in subject as a CSIT Visiting Scholar Stratford University. Sir your knowledge in the in IT project management is extremely appreciated by all the student community. I was always amazed by the interest you show to motivate to acquire more knowledge and leverage it in research and teaching. I have not seen any situation that you do not have proper answer whenever I ask any questions, relevant or irrelevant, regarding my subject. I am really impressed by the depth of knowledge you have in IT project management. Sir you have got very good communication skills in explaining the subject in a simple and systematic way, which will make any student comfortable and confident about the subject. Your way of presenting simple and friendly lectures helped me a lot to get up to the speed and excel in my work and studies. Dr. Gulati, you show enormously great patience to make anybody comfortable in the subject. As I said earlier, you have spent so many hours with us to explain various techniques which made me thorough in what I am doing in class. Dr. Gulati you are not only friendly but also is gauging our needs as graduate students. You display a genuine concern for the advancement of his students. As a mentor you freely share your knowledge and experience and helps us to be confident in the chosen field of subject. I am sublimating with great pleasure that you are Master in molding me as dynamic and enthusiastic towards the subject. You are the instrumental to ensure the students get quality education they deserve. It is really an honor to the University to have Dr. Gulati a well-qualified and dedicate CIST Scholar sir. I can state with absolute certainty that you are an exceptional teacher I ever seen in my career. Dr. Gulati sir you are one on the best teachers and mentors I ever had in my life and I strongly believe that you w
Dr. Shakir Ullah Khan
Dr. Kamal Gulati is an enthusiastic and helpful person and a great teacher. He has received a very positive feedback from his students at Stratford University. He is committed to excellence. I am sure will be a valuable asset for any university.
Avishek Chakrabarty
I consider myself extremely privileged to have received my education in the field of Computer Sciences from Dr. Kamal Gulati during my MBA, at Amity University. With excellent knowledge and command over the subject, Prof. Kamal always gave his 100% so that we could receive the best education. He was not just a professor to us, but also a friend who was always there for his students whenever we needed him. I thank you sir, for always guiding us in the best possible way.
billy Mwamba
dr kamal gulaty was one of my best faculty in amity university... he thought me two subjects from whrere i learnt many things... proud to have a such of faculty...speaks well teach very... all the best
Kapil Dhingra
Kamal is an ace professional. He is calm, focused & has an eye for detail. He has the ability to work under tight deadlines and has the willingness to take on challenges and achieve his objectives within the given timelines which is what makes him a perfect professional... Wish you luck!!!
Neha Malhotra
I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Kamal since 2009. Ambitious professor. Always maintains very good relation with students.Dr. Kamal is an intelligent, achievement oriented, independent and careful teacher. He is not only a multi-skilled and proactive professional but also an inspiring person.
Rajesh. C. Bhatnagar
He is highly qualified both academically and professionally. He has shown extra ordinary competencies in problem resolutions in our department. He has rich experience of Industry working. For last 7 years he has working as a member of faculty at Amity University, Noida he is well known and recognized for his teaching and administrative skills. He is apt in Multi tasking and has dis-changed his administrative duties with excellence in performance. He is held in high esteem by his colleagues, seniors and students. He has qualities of head and heart which have endeared him to his students and colleagues. He will be an asset for any organization he works for. I wish him all success in life.
Praveen Telu
Very fortunate to study under a faculty like you sir. The inputs, support and encouragement you gave me has changed my student career, Whatever I am now it is all coz of you. Thank you sir and hoping that my next batch students will also get benefited with the indepth knowledge of IT skills you have.
Dr. Kamal Gulati is a dedicated, committed & intelligent faculty member who can handle any matter given with full competency. His approach to solve any problem is very innovative and out of box. He is an asset to any organisation on account of his positive approach & problem solving skill.
Kamal is a gem and one among the best teachers I have worked with and is a passionate teacher.
shantanu Chakraborty
He is Hardworking ,Committed and Extremely focused on whatever assignment he undertakes.He had an ability to explore new idea and is very flexible.He easily adopt him selves to different roles and responsibility assigned to him
B R Singh
I have been working with Prof Kamal Gulati for the last 5 years and during this period I obsereved that he is highly dedicated Professional, carrier oriented person. He is good team performer and also a good team manager. I can safely vouch, he is an asset to any organization - education provider or otherwise
Aparna Datt
Kamal has been an excellent person to work with. His in depth knowledge about E-commerce, CRM and other aspects of IT combined with management is commendable. He is a thorough and dedicated professional who is always ready to help and a wonderful human being to work with.
Pranav Gupta
u r the best.....
Inderjit Jain
An energatic young man with commitments,convictions and simple habits. Always availble to help others with a smile. I wish him all the success in life
Suddhendu Biswas
He is exceptionally brilliant and sincere worker.He knows his subject and well manages his profession. I wish him success in all his endeavors.
Priyanka Bhagat
Mr. Kamal Gulati was my IT teacher in MBA (G.L.Bajaj Institute of Technology & Management. along with our syllabus ,he gave us a lots of extra knowledge which is useful in day to day activities.He has a vast knowledge of subject he teaches.Any query he use to solve on same day and always helped us whenever we asked for notes etc.
Hemant Mahajan
Professional Experience
Training Experience


.NET, ADO.NET, ALM, AWS, C#.NET , Cloud Computing, Docker, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, MVC, OpenStack, Puppet, SharePoint , SharePoint designer, Spring AOP, MVC, TCF, TFS, WCF, WPF, Xamarin,

Love coding. Study Architectures, Enterprise desig ns, Design patterns.Love create small but powerful tools to automate the tasks as much as possible. Read More...
Atul Kharecha
I have worked with Hemant during my stint with Fiserv. He is one technical architect that I highly recommend for handling complex and innovative tasks. I have truly enjoyed my experience working with him and wish him best of luck for his future roles.
Devendra Singh Rawat
I got an opportunity to work with Hemant in a project. I found him approachable and helpfull to everyone, specially me as I was new to project. His clear and though provoking ideas always force his team mates to think of best solutions for every problem. He is honest and always open for new ideas.
Varun Nagpal
I had the opportunity to work under Hemant when I had just joined SHL team at Perot Systems. He comes across as a very diligent, knowledgeable, organized and a happy person. Despite being busy, he was always willing to help and cooperate on any product knowledge or technical issues. He creates this jovial environment in the team which makes the whole working experience full of learning and fun.
Sandeep Mishra
Very good training. Theoretical plus practical both sessions were done perfectly.
Sanjay Sharma
Professional Experience
Training Experience

Electronics and Communication

AWS, CCNA - R&S, CEH, Cloud Computing, CompTIA N+, Cyber Security, Linux , Microsoft Windows , MS Office, Networking , Red Hat , Redhat Linux , Server Administrator, Virtualization, VMware ,


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