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About Course

Network professionals are the major audience recognized for this course; however, the below professionals can also join this course:

IT Technicians
Field Service Technicians
System Admins
Network Consultants
Helpdesk Technicians
Installation and Service Technicians
CompTIA Network+ is a globally recognized vender neutral certificate in networking domain. This course is designed to train the professionals that they can work with a variety of hardware, software and networks. Under this course we will cover all the topics highlighted in the course objective of CompTIA Network+ certification such as configure, manage and troubleshoot different wire and wireless devices.
After completing this course you will be able to –

Establish basic network design and connectivity
Maintain network documentation
Identify network limitations and weaknesses
Implement network security by following different standards and protocols
Basic understanding of emerging technologies like unified communications, mobile, cloud and virtualization
A prior knowledge of CompTIA A+ course content or equivalent is required to join this course. Having experience in networking support or administration can be an additional advantage.


CompTIA Network+

  • 1.1 Understand the functions and applications of various network devices
  • 1.2 Compare and contrast the use of networking services and applications
  • 1.3 Install and configure the following networking services/applications
  • 1.4 Characteristics and benefits of various WAN technologies
  • 1.5 Install and properly terminate various cable types and connectors using appropriate tools
  • 1.6 Difference between common network topologies
  • 1.7 Differentiate between network infrastructure implementations
  • 1.8 Implement and configure the appropriate addressing schema
  • 1.9 Basics of routing concepts and protocols
  • 1.10 Identify the basic elements of unified communication technologies
  • 1.11 Compare and contrast technologies that support cloud and virtualization
  • 2.1 Using appropriate monitoring tools
  • 2.2 Analyze metrics and reports from monitoring and tracking performance tools
  • 2.3 Using appropriate resources to support configuration management
  • 2.4 Implementing network segmentation
  • 2.5 Install and apply patches and updates
  • 2.6 Configure a switch using proper features
  • 2.7 Install and configure wireless LAN infrastructure
  • 3.1 Compare and contrast risk related concepts
  • 3.2 Compare and contrast common network vulnerabilities and threats
  • 3.3 Implement network hardening techniques
  • 3.4 Compare and contrast physical security controls
  • 3.5 Install and configure a basic firewall
  • 3.7 Explain the purpose of various network access control models
  • 3.8 Summarize basic forensic concepts
  • 4.1 Analyze and interpret the output of troubleshooting tools
  • 4.2 Troubleshoot and resolve common wireless issues
  • 4.3 Troubleshoot and resolve common copper cable issues
  • 4.4 Troubleshoot and resolve common fiber cable issues
  • 4.5 Troubleshoot and resolve common network issues
  • 4.6 Troubleshoot and resolve common security issues
  • 4.7 Troubleshoot and resolve common WAN issues
  • 5.1 Analyze and determine various layers of OSI
  • 5.2 Basics of network theory and concepts
  • 5.3 Deploy wireless standard
  • 5.4 Deploy wired connectivity standard
  • 5.5 Implement policies or procedures
  • 5.6 Summarize safety practices
  • 5.7 Basics of change management procedures
  • 5.8 Compare and contrast different ports and protocols
  • 5.9 Configure and apply different ports and protocols

Exam & Certification

CompTIA Network+ is an essential networking certification recognized worldwide as vender neutral. It validates the essential knowledge and skills of the successful candidate needed to confidently design, configure, manage and troubleshoot common wireless and wired network devices.
Exam name: CompTIA Network+
Exam Code: N10-006
Number of Question: 90
Question Type: Multiple choice questions (single and multiple response), drag and drops and performance-based
Exam timing: 90 Minutes
Passing Score: 80 %
Languages: English, Japanese, German

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