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18 Hrs class +
42 Hrs projects
Weekdays Morning-Batch USD 200
INR 9999
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18 Hrs class +
42 Hrs projects
Weekdays Evening-Batch USD 200
INR 9999
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18 Hrs class +
42 Hrs projects
Weekend Morning-Batch USD 200
INR 9999
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18 Hrs class +
42 Hrs projects
Weekend Evening-Batch USD 200
INR 9999
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About Course

This course is a perfect choice for those Developers & Designers who want to be active parts of Drupal projects. No coding or development experience needed. Prior knowledge of HTML and CSS can be useful for theming sections.
This course is designed to provide you the required knowledge of Drupal CMS to develop large scaled data driven web applications. In this course you will learn the fundamentals of Drupal CMS from very beginning. Some key topics under Drupal training are Explaining Drupal features, Content and People Management, Content Modeling, Site Display, Contributed Module, Theme Management, Security and Performance.
After completing this course you will be able to

Design and develop data driven web application based upon Drupal CMS.
Understand the core Drupal Architecture
Work with Block, Regions and Modules
Use and customize Drupal Themes for better UI.
Work with VIEWS to generate and display dynamic data in easy steps.
There is no formal prerequisite to attend this course but a fundamental knowledge of Web Technology and Internet can help you to understand in a better way.



  • 1.1 What is Drupal?
  • 1.2 How Drupal began
  • 1.3 What is Acquia
  • 1.4 What Technology Does Drupal Use?
  • 1.5 Various Drupal terminology
  • 1.6 Drupal Workflow
  • 2.1 Installing Drupal
  • 2.2 Introducing Admin Interface like Creating and Managing Content, Managing Structure, Managing Configuration, People Management, Modules etc.
  • 3.1 Core Modules-enabled
  • 3.2 Core Modules-disabled
  • 4.1 What They Are
  • 4.2 Where They Are
  • 4.3 What They Do
  • 4.4 Downloading and Enabling
  • 4.5 Popular Modules
  • 5.1 Blocks and Regions
  • 5.2 Default Blocks
  • 5.3 Custom Blocks
  • 5.4 Configuring Blocks
  • 6.1 Download Methods
  • 6.2 Upload Module
  • 6.3 Upload Path Module
  • 6.4 Storing user uploaded materials
  • 7.1 The Article and the Basic Page
  • 7.2 Input Filters
  • 7.3 Creating Custom Content-Types
  • 7.4 Field Permissions
  • 7.5 Adding different kind of Fields to Content-Types
  • 8.1 What is taxonomy?
  • 8.2 Vocabularies
  • 8.3 Terms
  • 8.4 View Content by Term
  • 8.5 Storing Taxonomies
  • 8.6 Module-Based Vocabularies
  • 8.7 Common Functions
  • 9.1 Overview of VIEWS
  • 9.2 VIEW Types
  • 9.3 VIEW Displays
  • 9.4 Creating a VIEW With the VIEWS User Interface
  • 9.5 Filters
  • 9.6 Contextual Filters
  • 9.7 Relationships
  • 10.1 Form Processing
  • 10.2 Validation
  • 10.3 Form Submission
  • 10.4 Redirection
  • 10.5 Introduction to Custom Modules in Drupal
  • 10.6 Creating Basic Forms using Custom Modules
  • 10.7 Enabling the Custom Form Module
  • 10.8 Accessing the Custom Form
  • 10.9 Form API Properties
  • 11.1 Architecture of the Theme System
  • 11.2 Installing a Theme
  • 11.3 Enabling a Theme
  • 11.4 Creating or Modifying a Theme
  • 11.5 Overriding Theme Behavior with PHP
  • 12.1 What is a Panel?
  • 12.2 Panel Types
  • 12.3 Panel Layouts

Exam & Certification

The Acquia Certified Drupal Site Builder is a credential intended for professionals who build Drupal sites using core and contributed modules. This exam is designed to validate skills and knowledge of a Drupal Site Builder.
Exam name: Acquia Certified Drupal Site Builder
Exam Duration: 75 minutes
Number of questions: 50 questions
Passing score: 68%
Question type: Multiple-choice, Multiple-response

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Nitin Kaushik
Certification: Java , .NET , PMP , Cyber Security DOS , CCNA
Professional Experience
Training Experience


Bootstrap, C, C++ , CSS3, Drupal, HTML5, Java , Java Script, JQuery , PHP,

I know only one thing Hard work is the key of succ ess. If we talk about my objective then I want to work in an organization where I can use, share my knowledge and improve it a lot. Read More...
Sumit Kalsa
Akshit Kr Tyagi
Very good Experience of learning Drupal by Nitin sir.
Ajay Kumar Singh
Trainer has quality knowledge of Drupal 7 which help in understanding the basic knowledge of Drupal .
Surjeet Singh
Topics cover in deep and good training presentation.
Deepak Babu Sharma
He has good knowledge of drupal administration panel and also excellent presentation for drupal flow and custom modules.
Hemant Kumar
looks good,he explained basic concept of drupal and admin workflow.
sudhir singh
I have completed Core Java course at Hub4Tech by Nitin sir. Nitin sir is a very good mentor for Core Java and he helps me a lot to gain the in-depth conceptual knowledge of Java programming.
Nirmal Kumar
Nitin is fantastic to work with. He is one of the most valuable people I have ever worked with. Well educated, very good, great and efficient project manager. Dedicated and hardworking expert always ready to put all his energy and stamina to get the job done. Always punctual, motivated and passionate IT professional. He is always capable of adapting new working environments.
Lokesh chauhan
I m a student of hub4tech and in my opinion this institute is a marvelous place to study as there are so supportive staff and faculty who encourage every time to gain our confidence; But overall its amazing place for our development of skills and preparing ourselves for future Apart of this Mr Nitin kaushik has a very cooperative nature and is always ready to help you and make you understand the things whenever we struck in any problem. By being trained by the sir only, now I am in a position to crack any interview by the superb tip and trick given by him. At last I would like to conclude by saying that if you are thinking to join any institute than HUB4TECH will be the right decision for you.
Manish Kumar
Gain depth knowledge of the java with the help of our mentor Mr Nitin.
Ujjwal Tulsani
Completely satisfy with the way he teach. Excellent experience of learning the core concept of java by Nitin Sir covering both theory and practical with real case studies.
Shivdeep Singh
The way of teaching is very good. Nitin Sir relates java concepts with real world examples, which helps core understanding of topics. Very good balance of theoratical and practical study.I have learnt a lot(Java).
I learned Bootstrap, JS, jQuery from him and i am completely satisfy with his teaching. He is a very supportive and a helpful mentor.
sachin kumar
Mr. Nitin is a very good trainer. I learn many new concepts in Java from him with a practical approach.
saurabh rakholia
Good experience of learning PHP by Nitin sir.
Tapan Kapri
Professional Experience
Training Experience


Angular JS, ASP.NET, C#.NET , Database, Drupal, HTML, HTML5, Java Script, JQuery , Magento, Microsoft SQL Server , MongoDB, MySQL , Oracle, PHP, Wordpress,

I obtained MTech Degree in Information Technology and Diploma in Software Engineering.I am MCT for responsive Web with 9+ Years of experience in the IT industry as Programmer, Developer,Project Lead, Corporate Trainer & Consultant. Currently I am working as a Corporate Trainer for Web & Mobile Technologies. I am a having In depth exposure to Web Technology, Responsive Web Development, PHP, MYSQL, DRUPAL,WORDPRESS, JOOMLA, JAVA SCRIPT, ANGULAR JS,MS SQL SERVER .I always fascinated with live projects in Web development & I utilize hard earned knowledge in the field of Corporate Training. Core Competencies: � JAVA SCRIPT/JQUERY/ANGULAR JS/MEAN Stack � PHP � PHONEGAP, TITANIUM, XAMARIN � PHP � MYSQL/SQL SERVER � DRUPAL/WORDPRESS/JOOMLA/MAGENTO � RESPONSIVE WEB-HTML5, CSS3 � WEB ADMINISTRATION Read More...
Writika Bhaskar
Tapan had trained me and my team on Wordpress. His methods include training while working on a live project. This helps first-timers get over their hesitation and actually use the technology. The doubts are realistic and Tapan focuses on our problems rather than rushing over the course. He is reachable even after the training is over.
Roopa Mehra
I had pleasure of working with Mr. Tapan during my span with TAI Infotech & I know him as a wonderful person. He is very dedicated in all his assignments & always ready to help. I wish him all the best!!!
Amar Kallu
Tapan conducted a training session for me & My team to take over new ride, Tapan came across as a Big library of knowledge feeding our brains with ease, he training technique changed based on the topic and the crowd..he is an expert in judging the best way to get you loaded with the knowledge

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