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18 Hrs class +
42 Hrs projects
Weekend Evening-Batch USD 200
INR 9999
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18 Hrs class +
42 Hrs projects
Weekend Morning-Batch USD 200
INR 9999
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18 Hrs class +
42 Hrs projects
Weekdays Morning-Batch USD 200
INR 9999
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18 Hrs class +
42 Hrs projects
Weekdays Evening-Batch USD 200
INR 9999
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About Course

This course is ideal for both beginners as well as advanced learners.
The best suited audience for this course can be -

Software Engineers
Mobile Application Developers
Web Application Developers
Web Application Developers
Recent graduates who are looking a career in web designing.
This course is a complete suite to provide end to end training for HTML (markup language) to manage the content on a webpage, styling the content using high-quality interactive features of CSS and organizing the content in responsive modes. HTML, CSS and Bootstrap is used worldwide to design and develop web-pages. In this course we will cover all these three technologies from very beginning and gain entire knowledge required while creating and designing any webpage.
After completing this course you will be able to –

Develop new web-pages.
Manage content on a web-page in different form.
Modify existing web-pages to meet the global trends.
Style the content on web-pages for improving the user interface.
Arrange the content of web-pages in responsive manner.
There is no prerequisite to join this course. Anyone can join this course any time.



  • 1.1 HTML Basic
  • 1.2 HTML Elements
  • 1.3 HTML Attributes
  • 1.4 HTML Headings
  • 1.5 HTML Paragraphs
  • 1.6 HTML Styles
  • 1.7 HTML Formatting
  • 1.8 HTML Quotations
  • 1.9 HTML Computercode
  • 1.10HTML Comments
  • 1.11 HTML Colors
  • 1.12 HTML CSS
  • 1.13 HTML Links
  • 1.14HTML Images
  • 1.15 HTML Tables
  • 1.16 HTML Lists
  • 1.17 HTML Blocks
  • 1.18 HTML Classes
  • 1.19 HTML Iframes
  • 1.20 HTML JavaScript
  • 1.21 HTML Head
  • 1.22 HTML Layout
  • 1.23 HTML Responsive
  • 1.24 HTML Entities
  • 1.25 HTML Symbols
  • 1.26 HTML Charset
  • 1.27 HTML URL Encode
  • 1.28 HTML XHTML
  • 1.29 Introduction to HTML Forms
  • 1.30 HTML Form Elements
  • 1.31 HTML Input Types
  • 1.32 HTML Input Attributes
  • 1.33 HTML5 Introduction
  • 1.34 HTML5 Support
  • 1.35 HTML5 Elements
  • 1.36 HTML5 Semantics
  • 1.37 HTML5 Migration
  • 1.38 HTML5 Style Guide
  • 1.39 HTML Graphics
  • 1.40 HTML Canvas
  • 1.41 HTML SVG
  • 1.42 HTML Media
  • 1.43 HTML Video
  • 1.44 HTML Audio
  • 1.45 HTML Plug-ins
  • 1.46 HTML YouTube
  • 2.1 CSS Introduction
  • 2.2 CSS Syntax
  • 2.3 CSS Color Properties
  • 2.4 CSS Background Properties
  • 2.5 CSS Border Properties
  • 2.6 CSS Margin Properties
  • 2.7 CSS Padding Properties
  • 2.8 CSS Height/Width Properties
  • 2.9 CSS Box Model Properties
  • 2.10 CSS Outline Properties
  • 2.11 CSS Text Properties
  • 2.12 CSS Font Properties
  • 2.13 CSS Link Properties
  • 2.14 CSS List Properties
  • 2.15 CSS Table Properties
  • 2.16 CSS Display Properties
  • 2.17 CSS Position Properties
  • 2.18 CSS Overflow Properties
  • 2.19 CSS Float Properties
  • 2.20 CSS Inline-block Properties
  • 2.21 CSS Align Properties
  • 2.22 CSS Combinators Properties
  • 2.23 CSS Pseudo-class and Pseudo-element
  • 2.24 CSS Opacity Properties
  • 2.25 CSS Navigation Bar
  • 2.26 CSS Dropdowns
  • 2.27 CSS Tooltips
  • 2.28 CSS Image Gallery
  • 2.29 CSS Image Sprites
  • 2.30 CSS Attr Selectors
  • 2.31 CSS Forms
  • 2.32 CSS Counters
  • 2.33 CSS3 Introduction
  • 2.34 CSS3 Rounded Corners
  • 2.35 CSS3 Border Image
  • 2.36 CSS3 Background Properties
  • 2.37 CSS3 Color Properties
  • 2.38 CSS3 Gradient Properties
  • 2.39 CSS3 Shadow Properties
  • 2.40 CSS3 Text Properties
  • 2.41 CSS3 Font Properties
  • 2.42 CSS3 2D Transform Properties
  • 2.43 CSS3 3D Transform Properties
  • 2.44 CSS3 Transition Properties
  • 2.45 CSS3 Animation Properties
  • 2.46 CSS3 Images
  • 2.47 CSS3 Buttons
  • 2.48 CSS3 Pagination
  • 2.49 CSS3 Box Sizing
  • 2.50 CSS3 Media Queries
  • 3.1 BOOTSTRAP Introduction
  • 3.2 BOOTSTRAP Get Started
  • 3.3 BOOTSTRAP Grid Basic
  • 3.4 BOOTSTRAP Typography
  • 3.5 BOOTSTRAP Tables
  • 3.6 BOOTSTRAP Images
  • 3.7 BOOTSTRAP Page Header
  • 3.8 BOOTSTRAP Wells
  • 3.9 BOOTSTRAP Alerts
  • 3.10 BOOTSTRAP Buttons
  • 3.11 BOOTSTRAP Button Groups
  • 3.12 BOOTSTRAP Glyphicons
  • 3.13 BOOTSTRAP Badges/Labels
  • 3.14 BOOTSTRAP Progress Bars
  • 3.15 BOOTSTRAP Pagination
  • 3.16 BOOTSTRAP Pager
  • 3.17 BOOTSTRAP List Groups
  • 3.18 BOOTSTRAP Panels
  • 3.19 BOOTSTRAP Dropdowns
  • 3.20 BOOTSTRAP Collapse
  • 3.21 BOOTSTRAP Tabs/Pills
  • 3.22 BOOTSTRAP Navbar
  • 3.23 BOOTSTRAP Forms
  • 3.24 BOOTSTRAP Inputs
  • 3.25 BOOTSTRAP Inputs 2
  • 3.26 BOOTSTRAP Input Sizing
  • 3.27 BOOTSTRAP Carousel
  • 3.28 BOOTSTRAP Modal
  • 3.29 BOOTSTRAP Tooltip
  • 3.30 BOOTSTRAP Popover
  • 3.31 BOOTSTRAP Scrollspy
  • 3.32 BOOTSTRAP Affix

Exam & Certification

There is no certification available for this course.
There is no certification available for this course.

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.NET, ADO.NET, Angular JS, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, C#.NET , CSS3, HTML, JQuery , Node.js, SQL, VB.Net, WCF, WPF, Entity Framework, MVC 6,

Brief about yourselfA Dynamic and dedicated profes sional with a strong passion for training and web development, equipped with a Microsoft Certified specialization in web technologies. Enhanced with extensive knowledge on planning, organizing and directing, wide range of learning and development activities, I aspire to invoke the thirst for knowledge in eager minds. And always, love to be a life long learner. Read More...
Leela Parameswara Reddy
Professional Experience
Training Experience


Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash, Adobe PhotoShop, Angular JS, Apache Cordova, Bootstrap, CMS, Codeignitor, CSS3, FileZilla, Firebug, Google Adwords, HTML, HTML5, Joomla, JQuery , JSON, Magento, Moodle, MySQL , Node.js, Orange HRM, PhoneGap , PHP, SEO, SharePoint designer, Skype, UML, VirtualBox, VMware , Web Development, Wordpress, XML,

I am expertise in Information Architect, Wire-fram es, Prototyping, Conceptual Designing, User interface Design, User Experience, User Research, Interviewing, Designing Tools, Branding, Advertising, Social Networks, and Development. Read More...
Manvendra Tripathi
Professional Experience
Training Experience


Database, Ruby on Rails, HTML, Java Script,

While being a software developer,I love coding wit h gain knowledge.I am passionated about bike riding and writting my day to day life in my diary.Collection of anything is most intresting part of any stuff,and i used to it when i feel sad.Thinking about past and seeing future is my dream. Read More...
Prashanth Puranik
Professional Experience
Training Experience

M.Tech. (Computer Science)

Angular JS, Backbone Marionette, CSS3, HTML5, JQuery , Node.js, Web Development, Wordpress,

Rakesh Kumar Singh
Professional Experience
Training Experience


CSS3, HTML, PHP, Wordpress,

Ratna Patel
Professional Experience
Training Experience

Diploma in IT

AJAX, Angular JS, HTML5, J2EE, J2SE, Java , Java EE, Java Script, JQuery , JSP , PL/SQl, WebLogic,

10+ experience in Corporate Training on JAVA,J2EE, HTML 4/5 , CSS3, jQuery,Angular JS, Struts 1.0/2.0 , Hibernate , Spring frameworks,AJAX ,Weblogic Administration, Hadoop .Handling session Face to Face / Online .Working as interview / job support consultant. Read More...
Richa Goel
Professional Experience
Training Experience


Bootstrap, HP ALM, HP QC, HP Quality Center, HTML, HTML5, Manual Testing, MS Office, MySQL , QTP, Quality Management, Software Testing, Software Testing Tools, SQL, LoadRunner,

I have more than 12 years of experience in Softwar e Industry specializing in the Manual, Automation and Performance Testing. I am a quick learner and always keen to learn new things. I have worked in Finance, Health Insurance and Education domains.
I have imparted internal trainings on Quality Concepts, Quality Processes, Software Testing – Manual, Performance Testing, HTML5/CSS3, PHP-MySQL, Quality Center, Software Engineering etc. and has imparting successful external trainings for companies like NIIT Technologies, AON Hewitt, Adobe, Wipro, Headstrong, Nucleus Software, Path Infotech, RSystems, Protiviti Consulting etc. with excellent feedback. Imparted multiple training in Management Institutes like APIM (Asia Pacific Institute of Management), Delhi.
Himjit Singh
Richa is a fantastic Personality with great blend of Professional & Personal Abilities a hard and sincere worker. A passionate QA resource with excellent analytical power and good communication skill. She keeps a very positive approach towards things and strives for ONLY the best. She is a Balanced and lively person. Keeps the accountability of assigned tasks and finishes it on time with perfection. I wish her all the best in her upcoming ventures in life
Sandya Sapru
Richa is very intelligent person. She possesses very good skills related to Time Management , Team building and Work Management. She can go in-depth to provide solution to any problem. She takes any task very deligently. She is very excellent person I have worked with as a Lead so far. I wish success and happiness to her.
Vivek Srivastava
Richa is a thorough professional with great observation skills and remarkable dedication. The desire in her to learn new things and to constantly re-invent herself is applauding. She is an asset to any team or organization, as a professional as well as individual and I wish her good luck in his future endeavors
Deepali Shahabadi
She is a good team member also who gels well in the team and make the work environment work for. I have worked with Richa in the same team as a teammate. She is a very thorough QA professional. She has always executed at a high standard with enthusiasm and commitment.
Bharat Kakkar
Richa is a proactive and tireless contributor who would make a great addition to any team.
Saurabh Vohra
I got a chance to work with Richa in the Mitchell Project. She is an extremely diligent worker with an eye towards minutest details in her work. I was impressed by both her technical knowledge and leadership qualities. You can expect her to go to any length to achieve the objective. I wish her good luck in her career ahead.”
Pankaj Bansal
She is sincere and posses good domain knowedge of the projects she has worked on. She used to clarify the functional queires of our team at one go. She had a command over the fucntional area to which she was asssigned. I will prefer to endorse her for any suitable job related to her in future. Kudos to Richa for her achivements.
Rajesh Mathur
I worked with Richa in two different organizations. She is an outgoing performer and a good worker. I haver seen her working on her projects with due deligence. She is a good team player and has good inter-personal & communication skills. My best wishes to her for a bright Future.
Sourabh Sharma
Richa is very enthusiastic, creative, process oriented, and articulate. It was a fun working with her. She has all the ELEMENTS required for a Quality Associate. She could be an asset to any organization. My all best wishes for her!
Rohit Chhibber
Richa was fantastic at her work. She was excellent with managing process and other activity like Build, testing etc. Her reporting and monitoring skills were excellent. Best of luck Richa.
Nitin Arora
I know Richa from a long time (almost 4-5 years now) ad i tuely admin that she is a nice human being, a dedicate person to her work and commitments. She always lives upto the mark and exceeds the expectations manier times. A nice person to work with and a great friend.
Sudhir Anandd
Richa is sincere to her work. She is very dedicated and estimates her time well. She completes her work on time and is always devoted to give a quality product. She is fun loving and caring to others. She is good team player, manages good balance between the QA and Dev, which is most conflicting for a manager to resolve.
Namit Karlekar
Until a while ago, I have been working with Richa for a couple of months at NIIT Ltd. I found her to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile. Besides being a joy to work with, Richa is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. Though she was an asset to our testing team, Richa was also extraordinarily helpful in other areas of the company.

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