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INR 25000
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32 Hrs Weekend Evening-Batch USD 500
INR 25000
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About Course

The best suited audience for this course can be -

Database Administrators
Database Designers
Data Warehouse Administrator
Support Engineer
Technical Administrator
This course is designed to help you in understanding the Installation and Administration of Oracle Database 12c from very scratch. During this course you will learn how to configure Oracle Network Environment and how to perform database maintenance to support your or your customer’s business needs. After completing this course you will be able to install and manage an Oracle Database instance in an effective way.
Some of the key points of this course are -

Learn how to Create and manage an Oracle Database Instance.
Learn how to Create and manage.
Learn how to Configure the Oracle Network Environment.
Learn how to Create and manage users.
Learn how to Manage performance, and handling of backup and recovery techniques
Learn basic information on backup and recovery techniques.
After completing this course you will be able to -

Install, Administrate and Mange Oracle Database 12c
Create an Oracle Database and container database
Manage Database Performance by Implementing Database Auditing
Configure the Database Instance and Oracle Net Services
Configure your Database For Backup and Recovery Operations
Before joining this course the individual required a good knowledge of SQL or PL/SQL along with their syntax. Familiarity with Linux Operating System can also be an advantage for this course.


Oracle Database 11g/12c

  • 1.1 Course Objectives
  • 1.2 Course Schedule
  • 1.3 Overview of Oracle Database 12c
  • 1.4 Overview of Oracle Cloud
  • 1.5 Overview of the HR Schema
  • 1.6 Oracle Database 12c Introduction
  • 2.1 Oracle Database Architecture: Overview
  • 2.2 Oracle Database Instance Configurations
  • 2.3 Connecting to the Oracle Database Instance
  • 2.4 Oracle Database memory Structures (overview)
  • 2.5 Process Architecture
  • 2.6 Process Structures
  • 2.7 Process Startup Sequence
  • 2.8 Database Storage Architecture
  • 3.1 Planning Your Installation
  • 3.2 Configuring Oracle Linux with Oracle RDBMS Pre-Install RPM
  • 3.3 Operating System Groups and Users
  • 3.4 Environment Variables
  • 3.5 Configuring the Oracle Software Owner Environment
  • 3.6 Using Oracle Universal Installer (OUI)
  • 3.7 Installation Option: Silent Mode
  • 4.1 System Requirements for Oracle Database
  • 4.2 Creating Operating System Groups and Users
  • 4.3 Types of Installations
  • 5.1 Planning the Database Storage Structure
  • 5.2 Types of Databases (based on workload)
  • 5.3 Choosing the Appropriate Character Set
  • 5.4 Understanding How Character Sets are Used
  • 5.5 Setting the NLS_LANG Initialization Parameter
  • 5.6 Using the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA)
  • 6.1 Introducing Oracle Database Management Tools
  • 6.2 Using SQL*Plus
  • 6.3 Using SQL Developer
  • 6.4 Logging in to Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express
  • 6.5 Using the Enterprise Manager Database Express Home Page
  • 6.6 Understanding the Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Framework
  • 6.7 Using Enterprise Manager Cloud Control
  • 7.1 Initialization Parameter Files
  • 7.2 Starting an Oracle Database Instance
  • 7.3 Shutting Down an Oracle Database Instance
  • 7.4 Viewing Log Files
  • 7.5 Using Trace Files
  • 7.6 Using the Dynamic Performance Views
  • 7.7 Data Dictionary
  • 8.1 Oracle Net Services Overview
  • 8.2 Oracle Net Listener Overview
  • 8.3 Establishing Oracle Network Connections
  • 8.4 Connecting to a Server
  • 8.5 Tools for Configuring and Managing the Oracle Network
  • 8.6 Using the Listener Control Utility
  • 8.7 Using Oracle Net Configuration Assistant
  • 8.8 Using Oracle Net Manager
  • 9.1 Database User Accounts (overview)
  • 9.2 Predefined Administrative Accounts
  • 9.3 Creating a User
  • 9.4 Authentication
  • 9.5 Unlocking a User Account and Resetting the Password
  • 9.6 Privileges
  • 9.7 Roles
  • 9.8 Profiles
  • 10.1 Understanding Storage of Data
  • 10.2 Database Block contents
  • 10.3 Exploring the Storage Structure
  • 10.4 Creating a New Tablespace
  • 10.5 Overview of Tablespaces Created by Default
  • 10.6 Managing Tablespaces
  • 10.7 Viewing Tablespace Information
  • 10.8 Using Oracle Managed Files
  • 11.1 Space Management Overview
  • 11.2 Block Space Management
  • 11.3 Row Chaining and Migration
  • 11.4 Free Space Management Within Segments
  • 11.5 Types of Segments
  • 11.6 Allocating Extents
  • 11.7 Allocating Space
  • 11.8 Creating Tables Without Segments
  • 12.1 Undo Data Overview
  • 12.2 Transactions and Undo Data
  • 12.3 Storing Undo Information
  • 12.4 Comparing Undo Data and Redo Data
  • 12.5 Managing Undo
  • 12.6 Configuring Undo Retention
  • 12.7 Guaranteeing Undo Retention
  • 12.8 Changing an Undo tablespace to a Fixed Size
  • 13.1 Overview of Locks
  • 13.2 Locking Mechanism
  • 13.3 Data Concurrency
  • 13.4 DML Locks
  • 13.5 Enqueue Mechanism
  • 13.6 Lock Conflicts
  • 14.1 Separation of Responsibilities
  • 14.2 Database Security
  • 14.3 Monitoring for Compliance
  • 14.4 Standard Database Auditing
  • 14.5 Unified Audit Data Trail
  • 14.6 Separation for Duties for Audit Administration (AUDIT_ADMIN and AUDIT_VIEWER roles)
  • 14.7 Configuring the Audit Trail
  • 14.8 Specifying Audit Options
  • 15.1 Categories of Failures
  • 15.2 Flashback Technology
  • 15.3 Understanding Instance Recovery
  • 15.4 Phases of Instance Recovery
  • 15.5 Tuning Instance Recovery
  • 15.6 Using the MTTR Advisor
  • 15.7 Comparing Complete and Incomplete Recovery
  • 15.8 Oracle Data Protection Solutions
  • 16.1 Configuring for Recoverability
  • 16.2 Configuring the Fast Recovery Area
  • 16.3 Multiplexing the Control File
  • 16.4 Online Redo Log File
  • 16.5 Multiplexing the Online Redo Log File
  • 16.6 Archived Redo Log Files
  • 16.7 Archiver Process
  • 16.8 Archived Redo Log File Naming and Destinations
  • 17.1 Backup Solutions Overview
  • 17.2 Oracle Secure Backup (overview)
  • 17.3 User Managed Backup (overview)
  • 17.4 Backup Terminology and Types of Backups
  • 17.5 Using Recovery Manager (RMAN)
  • 17.6 Configuring Backup Settings
  • 17.7 Oracle-Suggested Backup
  • 17.8 Backing Up the Control File to a Trace File
  • 18.1 Data Recovery Advisor
  • 18.2 Loss of a Control File
  • 18.3 Loss of a Redo Log File
  • 18.4 Loss of a Datafile in NOARCHIVELOG Mode
  • 18.5 Loss of a Noncritical Datafile in ARCHIVELOG Mode
  • 18.6 Loss of a System-Critical Datafile in ARCHIVELOG Mode
  • 19.1 Moving Data: General Architecture
  • 19.2 Oracle Data Pump
  • 19.3 SQL*Loader
  • 19.4 External Tables
  • 20.1 Database Maintenance (overview)
  • 20.2 Viewing the Alert History
  • 20.3 Terminology
  • 20.4 Automatic Workload Repository (AWR)
  • 20.5 Statistic Levels
  • 20.6 Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM)
  • 20.7 Advisory Framework
  • 20.8 Enterprise Manager and Advisors
  • 21.1 Performance Monitoring
  • 21.2 Tuning Activities
  • 21.3 Performance Planning
  • 21.4 Instance Tuning
  • 21.5 Performance Tuning Methodology
  • 21.6 Performance Tuning Data
  • 21.7 Monitoring Performance
  • 21.8 Managing Memory
  • 22.1 SQL Tuning
  • 22.2 Oracle Optimizer
  • 22.3 SQL Plan Directives
  • 22.4 Adaptive Execution Plans
  • 22.5 SQL Advisors
  • 22.6 Automatic SQL Tuning results
  • 22.7 Implement Automatic Tuning Recommendations
  • 22.8 SQL Tuning Advisor

Exam & Certification

Exam Number: 1Z0-062
Duration: 150 minutes
Number of Questions: 95
Passing Score: 67%
Exam Format: Multiple Choice
Associated Certifications: Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate

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Ajaz Ahmed
Professional Experience
Training Experience

Bachelor of Science

Oracle 9i, 10g, 11i, 12c , Oracle DBA, Oracle e-Business Suit , Oracle Fusion, Oracle SOA, PL/SQl, SQL, WebLogic, Oracle BI Foundation, Oracle DB 10g, Oracle DB 11g, Oracle DB 12c, Oracle Exalytics, Oracle Forms, Oracle Fusion Middleware home,

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Bhawna Gunwani
Professional Experience
Training Experience


.NET, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, C#.NET , C, C++ , Data Structure, Database, HTML5, JQuery , JSON, Node.js, Oracle, Oracle 9i, 10g, 11i, 12c , Oracle DBA, PL/SQl, Python, SQL, WCF, WPF,

6+ Years of Experience in Training Industry with a clear and depth understanding of student handling, learning needs, data analysis, content delivery, content management and process orientation. Specialties Programming and Technologies : C, C++, Data Structure, C#.Net, VB.Net, Asp.Net, Asp.Net MVC, WCF, WPF, Entity Framework, NHibernate, Web Services, Web API, AngularJS, AJAX, JavaScript. RDBMS : Oracle SQL and PL/SQL, Oracle DBA Workshop I and II, OBIEE, Microsoft SQL Server and T-SQL, SQL DBA etc. Read More...
Professional Experience
Training Experience


Database, Oracle, Oracle DBA, Oracle Fusion, Oracle Jdeveloper, Oracle SOA, Oracle VM,

Having 12 years of industrial experience on Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Database in various Products which includes Oracle Database, Oracle Weblogic, Oracle SOA, Oracle OSB, Oracle ADF, Oracle OID, Oracle OUD etc. The domains I cover are entire Fusion Middleware, entire Database range, Identity management, Application Development and worked on several projects in end-to-end implementations and support mostly for 11g Release 2. Read More...
Ram Kumar Sharma
Certification: Oracle 9i, 10g, 11i, 12c , Linux , Microsoft Server , VMware
Professional Experience
Training Experience

Msc IT

Linux , Microsoft Server, Oracle 9i, 10g, 11i, 12c , Oracle DBA, Oracle DB 10g,

oracle cirtified professiona 10g having 7 yrs of o racle dba experience Read More...
Sandeep Singh
Professional Experience
Training Experience


OEM Grid control, Oracle 9i, 10g, 11i, 12c , Oracle DBA, Oracle VM, Red Hat ,

Proficient and has 7+ years of experience in infra structure services, Production support on infrastructure, Design and Implement Systems in heterogeneous environment, technical documentation and training. • Oracle 10g Certified Professional (OCP 10g). • Motivated self-starter with team management skills. • Expertise in Backup and Recovery, HA & MAA Design, performance tuning and providing 24/7 support. • Install & Upgrade, Configure and administration of Oracle 12c OEM/10g OEM in Standalone and HA Environment. • Proficient in AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud Database Management (RDS) and Cloud System Management. • Hands on DR Drill and managing Planned and Unplanned Outage. • Complete understanding of SDLC and project management. • Sound knowledge on Streams , Replication, GOLDEN GATE • Conducted Oracle DBA trainings at organization level. • Providing database consultation across various accounts. • Proposal preparation for various clients. • Ability to take ownership of support issues and progress through to resolution. • Ability to cope within a highly pressurized, mission critical environment. • Excellent communication skills and team ethos. • Very adaptable - able to acquire and use new skills rapidly and effectively. • Sound knowledge in Storage and Net Backup Solutions . Read More...
Shekar Pulugam
Professional Experience
Training Experience

QA - Tester

C, C++ , Manual Testing, Oracle, QTP, Selenium, Selenium WebDriver,

Bring to the table 8+ years of experience in devel opment and training. Read More...
Varsha Gupta
Professional Experience
Training Experience


Oracle DBA,

I am an Oracle Certified Professional in DBA 11g & Developer 11g. Along side I posses SCJP in Java . I have 8+ years of professional experience in imparting corporate trainings in Core Java,SQL Server,Postgre SQL,Advance Java,Oracle DBA/Developer 11g/12C, RDBMS, SQL, Advance PL/SQL, PL/SQL, Forms & Reports,Oracle Weblogic Admin 11g/12C,Oracle 12C new Features, UNIX/LINUX Essentials and other incidental languages. Read More...
anuja jain
Varsha’s creative thinking, expertise and positive can-do attitude made her an absolute pleasure to work with. She continually delivered results, went above and beyond in providing exceptional service and support, and showed genuine integrity and respect as a service provider. Varsha is enthusiastic, personable and a brilliant networker. Her strengths in staying across issues, pro-actively offering solutions and ideas and being adept at all aspects of communications make her a valuable contributor to any situation or team.

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